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Hi, my name is Eva and I'm a freelance illustrator. I work mostly for publishers, drawing children's albums, book covers and press articles. Currently based in Valencia, Spain. I use digital techniques in order to facilitate the changes and busy schedules involved in this profession. However, I also use watercolours and coloured pencils, which is why my technique seems so analogue.

I love storytelling so as well as drawing I like to write my own stories and poems, with a touch of darkness and melancholy, which I then self-publish as small fanzines.

Together with two of my best and dearest friends, we  publish a podcast about illustration and the profession, as well as tips and personal experiences, it's our way of feeling together even though we live far away: VDC podcast.

You can see some of my personal illustrations in my little Etsy shop, which I update periodically with prints and paper goods:

Thanks for stopping by, a big hug <3

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